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Good news finally got Talian version 04 in a form I was happy to email out. Sorry about taking so long, had some personal things to deal with that’s really taken up my time recently (don’t worry no one died, just life getting in the way).

I’ve sent the update emails just now, so unless it gets filtered or something everyone who bought Talian 03 should have Talian 04 for free. If you don’t get it (getting some emails bouncing back, people changed email addresses) drop me an email with the email you used to order and I’ll change the email address for updates.

Please read the new readme files under the /readme/ folder, I’ve expanded out some explanations and tried to explain new features like the ability to add custom widgets for easier updates.

There’s also a zip file in that folder with a core WordPress file that you’d ideally use with WordPress 2.8.5 (only use with 2.8.5). It removes the nofollow links from the new “Reply to Comment” links (like you see below this comment): Google no longer honors nofollow, Google now deletes the link benefit nofollow used to conserve, so we have to avoid using nofollow from now on!

And in weird news :) )

You may have noticed this site no longer has AdSense ads, Google AdSense banned this domain from the AdSense program because of the URL (Google AdSense is their trademark)!! I’ve emailed them a few times about it, but they haven’t even emailed back!!

Makes me want to incorporate another ad system into my themes, Chikita or something.

David Cameron Law

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I thought I’d explained this above, but

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