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Hi David,
After visiting your wife’s blog, really I just feel like .. I can’t wait to get the 04.

+ I have some remarks:
I don’t like writing this to visitors here but anyway - after 4 months, my blog is having 120k visits a month (even more) and sponsors are interested to advertise.
The most popular banners they want is the 125X125, in addition to some others at the sidebars.
The 125×125 banners come in 2 columns / 5 rows (you might see these in many blogs).
Can you include a manual option (or an explanation on how) to widen one/both sidebars + the theme?
P.S. Changing-banners is a great feature.

Another point is regarding the Meta categories descriptions - I think it could be wise to include the WP description in addition to repeating the Category title. Just as the post Meta’s are presented.

Another point is about the pages:
It would be good to have an option not to include pages in the header - not that critical.

Another idea is the option to replace the site picture with an advertizing banner (changing banner etc.) - this can be great.

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WordPress SEO Plugins
Hello Dave,
I have just couldn’t find the term on which the ‘related posts plugin’ sorts for related posts.

secondly - I realized that alinks does not work when simple tags

WordPress SEO Plugins
Thanks David,
You have just saved my time, my efforts and my all frets (from SEO perspective) using wordpress.

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