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Hi Nissam thanks for your kind words,

When I’ve fully tested Talian version 04 it will be sent out for free to all Talian version 03 customers automatically.

I’ve added some new features and need to write out detailed readme files that’s taking a while. Also need to clean up the code a bit. If I released it today it would work, but I’ll probably get a load of support requests, so holding on until I get those readme files written.

As WordPress has updated, some of the Plugins are playing up. The Popularity one works on some sites, but not others! I’ve found on a few sites if I’ve been using it for months through multiple upgrades as long as I don’t deactivate it, it works OK, but deactivate it or use it for the first time and I sometimes get an error! Been meaning to try to find an alternative that’s kept up to date, seems all the good plugins aren’t being updated!

Yes I changed the font size on Talian version 04, original Talian used fixed fonts which isn’t good for usability, so changed all fonts to fluid. I also made the theme wider, sidebars are the same, it’s as you’ve noticed the content area is wider.

What you see on this site is Talian 04 pretty much as it will be in the zip file I’ll send out (no Twitter widget on the sidebar, that’s manually added).

This is Talian 04 out the box, but with my wife creating 41 banners from Skegness images! As you can see the banner image changes as you change page or refresh. Default Talian 04 currently has 6 banner images which you can easily replace/add to or even reduce to one file (still got to explain how in the readme file).

This one I did (got a little obsessed with UK politics) has 5 unique banner images. Everything is default Talian 04.

I’m going to try my best to get the theme zip file ready this week. Might pinch a few of my wife’s banners for the theme as well :)

David Law

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