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As mentioned in the post above there’s a problem with using the Reply to comments function (comment_reply_link).

It’s nofollow again, WordPress development has for reasons I don’t understand added a nofollow attribute to the Reply to links. This means if you have a heavily commented blog you could have hundreds if not thousands of these Reply links! I have a site on jokes that’s got almost 700 comments on just one of the jokes pages! You could very easily throw away half your link benefit through these links!

I have a temporary solution, you edit a core WordPress file which removes the nofollow attributes. I’ve been hesitant to release a themes with the Reply to comments functions enabled because currently (WordPress 2.8.3) it will require a WordPress hack of the main core files, but I have to update the themes, so have no choice.

When I release this theme I’ll include the hacked file (just one file needs changing).

I’ve been trying to get WordPress development team to change this bug, but no luck so far, tried 3 ways:

If filosofo in the trac ticket creates a patch to remove the nofollow hopefully it will be incorporated into WordPress 2.8.4, until then to use the comment_reply_link function it is strongly advised to hack the core WordPress file wp-includes/comment-template.php to remove the nofollow attribute.

I also have a few other things I want to add to my themes, since links within comments are nofollow I’m going to take a crack at turning them into form button links. I can definitely do it by hacking core WordPress files, but for you guys I like to keep it all at theme level.

Hopefully I’ll get this release out later this month.

Wish me luck :)

David Law

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