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Hi David,

Your comment was tagged as SPAM by Akismet, no idea why.

You found a code bug.

When I made the default comments.php files (for all themes) I added some PHP code around the HTML code to comment it out.

< ?php /* HTML code to comment out : */ ?>

When I had the idea to add the alternative files I was meant to remove all this PHP code, but left some of it in so it looked like this

< ?php HTML code to comment out : ?>

Should be

HTML code to comment out

Took me 15 minutes looking at the code to figure out what I’d done wrong as at first glance it looks fine.

Not had anyone else point this out, so looks like you are the first to use the alternate comment.php file :)

I’ve attached a working comments.php file that I’ve tested to an email. Sorry about that.

I’m working on adding the Link unit ads (the text link like ones) to the themes. I don’t think they will increase AdSense revenue by much, but good to have the option (each ad, soon to be 6 can be turned off). You can see my online test at, there’s three new Google link unit ads, one just below the header area, one at the bottom of the first post and one on right menu (title “Related Searches”). On single post it’s a bit different, still not set on exact location yet (more testing needed).

I also want to incorporate Google custom search into the themes as well, but so far stumped on how to, Google AdSense has made it’s code so much harder to use for themes used by multiple publishers since changing the way it codes the ads (I have to use the old type of code), adding the three new link unit ads was hard enough!

Will update the comments.php files when I get the above into all themes and send out new zips to all customers. If anyone else in the mean time wants the fixed alt comments file let me know and I’ll email it.

David Law

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