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Greenery WordPress Search Engine Optimization and AdSense ThemeWhen you say rel=”follow” you mean not use rel=”nofollow”.

My best WordPress SEO theme is Talian 05, it uses no nofollow links, so whatever you link to will be followed (link benefit passed by Google).

The comment author links on the Talian theme although not nofollow, they do not pass or waste link benefit. I use form post button links for Talian which means users can click on them, but they don’t count as links in Google. It’s the equivalent of what nofollow used to do before Google moved the goal posts a year or two ago and changed nofollow to DELETE link benefit instead of protect it. Socrates uses nofollow so wastes a lot of link benefit!

My older themes are better SEO’d (though they do need an update for better SEO) than the Socrates theme, take a look at the Socrates demo page and note the anchor text “Home” for the home page link (SEO 101 is you don’t use “Home”, “Click Here” for links). If you view the source of the Socrates theme and check the sidebar area you’ll find H2 header for the headings of Categories etc… Unless you are after SERPS related to the keyword Categories you’d never surround the word with a H2 header (again basic SEO 101)! So SEO wise the Socrates theme is rubbish.

Advertising wise I’d say the Socrates theme is better than my older themes (version 03 themes) though harder to use. My old SEO/AdSense themes you added your AdSense pub-####### number to one file and that was it (there was other settings in the file, but not required), AdSense is on every page in good CTR areas. In Socrates you have to create multiple ads in your AdSense account and paste them verbatim, gives you more control over colours (have different colours for different ad units) but harder to setup.

Comparing Talian 05 to Socrates, Talian 05 is on a different level SEO wise, Talian 05 gets almost everything right SEO wise, Socrates gets a lot of things wrong. There’s no comparison, Talian 05 is an SEO theme, Socrates isn’t.

Advertising wise Talian 05 is targeting a slightly different market with overlaps. Talian is aimed at the complete newbie to AdSense who wants to add their pub-####### number and forget about it, placement, colours all preset to good values for most sites, while allowing the more advanced user control over most aspects of the ads. Like Socrates, Talian has Clickbank ads, in future releases I’m planning to have Chitika and Amazon ads as well (mix AdSense, Clickbank, Chitika and Amazon ad units). In Talian the keywords used to generate Clickbank ads are automated (uses the words of the title of posts, tags, categories), I understand in Socrates you can only select the keywords sitewide, so you type a list of keywords and they are used (in the next release of Talian that option is available as well).

So advertising wise there are features in Talian that are better than Socrates and features in Socrates that are better than Talian (I have a lot of new features planned for Talian and always looking for new ideas).


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