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WordPress SEO Theme Forever AutumnYes if you plan to host a unique site on each domain it’s ~70 a domain.

If you plan to forward domains etc… it would be the cost of the domain (~$10 a year) assuming your domain registra allows for free forwarding etc… (I think Godaddy does that for free).

If you plan to register say 10 domains and forward them to the same website be aware there’s no SEO value in this. The one domain would suffice, the other 9 would be a waste of money.

If you are looking to create multiple websites for cheap look into sub-domains.

SEO wise sub-domains are treated as seperate domains so to Google are like a $10 domain and are free with Godaddy. works on sub-domains, your current website is a sub-domain of If you wanted 10 websites via sub-domains on one domain it would cost you ~$70 a year in total.

This is one of my oldest domains currently has half a dozen sub-domains like, I could create 100 sub-domains for free.

If you plan to use sub-domains don’t do anything blackhat (avoid breaking Google’s rules) on them, you’ll risk the SEO health of the entire set. With individual domains if you take risks and one goes down the rest are probably going to be OK.


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