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  • Comprar N95
    Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (November 25th, 2010 at 12:24)

    Can I customize this theme?

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (November 25th, 2010 at 14:27)

      Yes, you can customise the theme.


      • Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (April 17th, 2012 at 03:31)

        Can you incorporate the forever autumn theme into the Stallion All In One WordPress SEO Theme V7.0 or will that has to be purchased separately?

      • Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (April 17th, 2012 at 03:37)

        Another question: what is the main difference between this theme and your Stallion theme (besides the template) as far as SEO Optimization and customization?

        • Stallion Theme WordPress SEO Designs

          From a search engine optimization comparison Stallion is far more advanced than Forever Autumn (hence the price difference).

          Forever Autumn is one of my earlier theme conversions and quite basic in customization terms, you add your AdSense ID and that’s all you can do, all the SEO features are static (you can’t change them).

          With Stallion there’s over 300 options you can change via easy to use options pages, there’s 6 ad networks (not just AdSense) I also add new theme colour schemes to Stallion, will probably add the Forever Autumn colour scheme to Stallion in the future (currently you can’t add Forever Autumn to Stallion).

          In the next Stallion update (trying to release this month) I’ve so far added another 2 colour schemes, TwentEleven and TwentyTen. If you plan to make lots of sites Stallion is a good choice, there’s currently 27 color schemes and 9 layouts: in the next update so far there’s 29 colour schemes and 13 layouts (4 new layouts due).

          Although Stallion is an advanced theme it’s not a theme you have to learn how to use before you can create a great looking site. If you wanted a site like this one it’s not a lot of options changes for the basic look and feel, to achieve something like this site would require changing half a dozen options (tick boxes and drop down menus). Some themes are a pain to use and not easy to create a site that looks like the demos shown by the theme author, Stallion is built so the users doesn’t have to do much to generate a great looking site (I own 100 domains, I don’t want to be customizing them all, half a dozen options changes and a site is done!).


          WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn

  • Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (April 16th, 2012 at 15:29)

    Custom Upgrade

    Woruld I have to purchase WP’s Custom Design upgrade before I purchase one of these? Correct?

    • WordPress.com Custom Design Themes

      Working on the assumption you are a WordPress.com user (free blog) and not a self hosted WordPress user (so you don’t have a domain and a hosting account).

      As far as I’m aware you can’t use custom themes on the free WordPress.com sites.

      I’m not a WordPress.com user (all my WordPress sites are self hosted), but recently stumbled on their Custom Design option when I was looking for theme design ideas that looks like a closed shop of WordPress themes sponsored/approved by WordPress.com.

      I doubt WordPress.com will allow using any WordPress theme that’s not part of their system with their free sites and last time I checked they don’t allow ad networks like AdSense to be used.

      Just had a quick look, are they charging $42 a year for Custom Design and a domain? You can get a cheap Godaddy WordPress account for $5 a month and about $10 a year for a domain (~$70 a year) and there tends to be special offers that can push the monthly cost down to $3 a month for the first year, so about $50 a year. With self hosted WordPress you can install any theme and plugins and add ad networks like AdSense. I’d never used WordPress.com sites to make money from.


      WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn

      • Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (April 17th, 2012 at 00:15)

        Not tech savvy at all

        So is the $5 per month for each wordpress account or each blog? What of I have 5 blogs in one wordpress account?

        SO once a I get a self hosted wp site from someone like godaddy, I can use these themes? Or is something else needed? (Like a plugin or something extra)

        • Godaddy WordPress Hosting

          Godaddy is one of many web hosts that offer built in WordPress installations for the not so tech savvy, basically means you don’t have to mess around with uploading files via FTP and database settings, they will do the basic WordPress install for you.

          I had a dedicated server disaster a while back and quickly purchased an account with Godaddy https://www.godaddy.com/hosting/wordpress-hosting.aspx?ci=15005 (the cheap one) for an important site (this site -- Stallion SEO Theme) so it was online while I sorted out a new server and I’ve had no need to move it to another server (I now have three virtual servers as well: I own ~100 domains). Must be over a year now, so have kept paying the $5 a month to keep it hosted.

          The $5 a month (if you look online you should be able to find a discount link and get it down to $3 a month) gets you hosting for one domain and Godaddy will install WordPress for you. It is a little different to the free WordPress.com sites, there’s fewer features running by default, but far more features available via themes and plugins.

          And yes for $5 a month and around $10 a year for a domain registration you can install any WordPress theme without the need for additional plugins.

          If you plan to run two domains you’ll need two hosting accounts and two domains registered.

          Of course if you are looking for specific features it might require purchasing a premium theme or plugins. This domain for example runs on my Stallion SEO theme (which if I had to pay for it would be $70) an eccomerce plugin (think I paid $20 for it) and the rest is free plugins.

          My best theme is the Stallion All In One WordPress SEO Theme V7.0 which if you are looking for the best SEO available in a WordPress theme and built in advertising like AdSense it’s the one to choose. If you aren’t looking to get the most traffic from Google etc… and not looking to make money, use a free theme, there’s thousands of free WordPress themes online in the WordPress.org theme repository.

          If you plan to register multiple domains all my themes are multiple domain use, you can use them on as many of your sites as you like for a single payment.


          WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn

          • Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (April 17th, 2012 at 03:28)

            So with ~100 domains, you would have to pay ~$70 per year for each? What about forwarding and masking?

            Can you have like ~10 “real sites” but forwarding and masking the other 90 domain names?

            • SEO Value of Domain Forwarding and Sub-Domains

              Yes if you plan to host a unique site on each domain it’s ~70 a domain.

              If you plan to forward domains etc… it would be the cost of the domain (~$10 a year) assuming your domain registra allows for free forwarding etc… (I think Godaddy does that for free).

              If you plan to register say 10 domains and forward them to the same website be aware there’s no SEO value in this. The one domain would suffice, the other 9 would be a waste of money.

              If you are looking to create multiple websites for cheap look into sub-domains.

              SEO wise sub-domains are treated as seperate domains so to Google are like a $10 domain and are free with Godaddy.

              WordPress.org works on sub-domains, your current website is a sub-domain of WordPress.org. If you wanted 10 websites via sub-domains on one domain it would cost you ~$70 a year in total.

              This is one of my oldest domains https://www.classic-literature.co.uk/ currently has half a dozen sub-domains like https://william-shakespeare.classic-literature.co.uk/, I could create 100 sub-domains for free.

              If you plan to use sub-domains don’t do anything blackhat (avoid breaking Google’s rules) on them, you’ll risk the SEO health of the entire set. With individual domains if you take risks and one goes down the rest are probably going to be OK.


              WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn

              • Comment on WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn (April 17th, 2012 at 12:33)

                OMG, I love this

                Thanks for responding so quickly to my questions. I am sooo interested in the sub-domain thing as I am weird about having multiple sites and would like it all under one. Does this Stallion have it so that I would be able to make each sub-domain have a different look/ theme? Is there enough space on each sub-domain to have two or more pages? And a different adsense and theme can be placed on on each subdomain?

                As far as SEO and keywords, each sub-domain would be picked up by the search engine separately correct? I did not understand hat you meant by “sub-domains don’t do anything blackhat (avoid breaking Google’s rules)” . . . what is blackhat?

                WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn

                • Blackhat SEO Techniques

                  First four questions are yes, yes, yes and yes :-)

                  Blackhat SEO techniques are where you do things to get higher rankings that Google doesn’t approve of.

                  Like link farms, if you had 50 sites and a page on all 50 sites with a link to the other 49 sites that would be a link farm. Or added hidden keyword lists within your posts so the article would do better for those keywords, it’s blackhat SEO and liable long term to result in a domain being pennalised.

                  Since as the domain owner you are responsible for all the sub-domains if Google for example found on a network of say 100 sub-domains ten of them had serious blackhat SEO techniques used (like hidden keyword rich text) they would probably ban the entire domain rather than just ban the 10 offending sub-domains, they might assume as the domain owner you are probably gaming the search engines on more than the 10 sub-domains they have found and ban the lot to be safe.

                  In comparison if you owned 100 domains and used blackhat SEO techniques on ten of them and the other 90 are whitehat SEO, the 90 whitehat SEO domains are probably safe.

                  If you plan to build sites that don’t push Google’s webmaster guidelines sub-domains are as good SEO wise as a stand alone domain.

                  BTW SEO wise building 10 websites with 3 pages each is not as easy to rank as 1 website with the same 30 pages of content. Some SEO factors (backlinks) are additive, you will not get the same SEO value linking to 10 websites as linking to 10 pages on one site with the same links. Basically it’s far easier to do well SEO wise if all your content is on one domain, all your link building efforts can go into that one domain.

                  That being said if you plan to build a LOT of content (I have hundreds of thousands of webpages) then using separate domains or sub-domains can make sense to niche the content. Wouldn’t have made much sense for me to have a domain with WordPress SEO themes and Classic Literature on the same site, had it made sense my theme content would be ranking higher than it does now because the classic literature domain is quite old and has lots of old links which have a lot more SEO value than the links to this site. From a pure SEO ranking perspective I’d have ALL my content under one domain.


                  WordPress SEO Theme Forever Autumn

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