Comment on WordPress Theme Features by Paul Stenson.

WordPress Theme FeaturesHi

Iam setting up a site utilising the Talian Theme and have at present installed it to an apache development server on my Desktop and the server at the website included in this comments details. AT the moment I am experiencing two problems.

1.) On my development server the large ad that floats to Left/Right of page content does not show up no matter what setting I apply in the adsense.php code page. this is the same in IE8, Firefox 3.6.13 and Opera 11.

2.)On the live website all is OK with IE and Opera, but with Firefox, If I place a Calendar widget in the Left (sidebar1) the heading shows in the sidebar but the dates are hidden behind either the page content or the adsense ad depending on whether I have it set for left or right.

If I set the calendar in the Right (sidebar two), again, the heading shows in line below the sidebar but the dates are again offset to the Right of the heading.

Is this a known problem you already have a solution for, or have I won the jackpot for finding this.

Any chance of a pointer to what I have to tweak to adjust for these cases?

Other than these niggles I think this Talian 5 theme is great.

Many Thanks