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WordPress Theme FeaturesTalian 05 SEO/AdSense/Clickbank theme currently only allows for automated Clickbank ad selection, it takes the title of a post etc.. and uses that as the keywords for searching for products.

In the next update (should be released before Christmas) of Talian I’ve added the ability to specify the keywords site wide.

It’s not exactly what you are asking for, you can’t select specific products, but it is another way to generate the ads.

Not the way I’ve coded it into Talian (in the update it’s part of the admin menu), but you can hack the same thing as follows:

As a quick fix you could edit the clickbank-functions.php file as follows.

Near the bottom find the line:

hopfeed_keywords =

And replace the entire line with:

hopfeed_keywords = "<?php _e('keyword1,keyword2,keyword3'); ?>";

where keyword1 etc… are a list of keywords.

Save and upload over the file on your site and only those keywords will be used for all Clickbank ads.

As far as I’m aware the Clickbank API doesn’t allow for selecting specific products. If you wanted to display specific Clickbank products you’d have to build a custom ad system and write the ads yourself, upload images (if you wanted images) etc… I do something like this at (note it has a lot of racist joke comments, thousands of them!!) as a replacement to AdSense ads. Have taken a product datafeed from Shareasale and using a custom built plugin and custom Talian 05 theme generated what you see (would like to add this feature to Talian, but it’s not straightforward as involves a lot of effort to setup).

Actually you might be able to get close to what you want. The keywords you use in the hack I’ve listed above could be the unique usernames of the products you want to list. When you create a Hop Link the Clickbank publisher usually gives each product a relatively unique name (not all do this, but many do) so when you build a Hop Link it looks like this before it’s cloaked:

Find products in Clickbank you want to promote and search Clickbank for the UNIQUEPRODUCTNAME to see how many products show up. If it’s only the one you want to promote (or just a few you are happy to promote) use it as a keyword. It’s not a perfect system for what you want to achieve, but as long as the products you want to promote have unique products names used in the Hop Link you could build a handful of keywords (product names) that only target products you want to promote.


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