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I just tested both PayPal buttons in Internet Explorer and Firefox and they work fine, they go to PayPal asking for login details etc…

If you can get to PayPal via the buttons the problem is either with PayPal or something at your end.

I’ve sent you an email with details of how to pay via PayPal (assuming you can login to PayPal).


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Yes you can edit the template files as much as you like. None of the code is protected.

Easy is relative to what you want to do and which theme (some

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Been a while since I played around with BlogSpot Template coding.

If you find:

<BlogItemUrl><a href=”<$BlogItemUrl$>” title=”external link” class=”title-link”></BlogItemUrl>
<h1 class=”post-title”><$BlogItemTitle$></h1>

And change to

<h1 class=”post-title”><a href=”<$BlogItemUrl$>” title=”external link” class=”title-link”><$BlogItemTitle$></a></h1>

I think that should change the

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I don’t offer a WordPress installation service or anything like that. I offer SEO services, but currently only taking on long term SEO clients and even then I’m very picky

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Got your email and sent Talian 5 again via my Gmail account. LMK if it arrives.


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Yes Talian 5 is available to customers of Talian 3 and Talian 4 for free. I sent the update via a email address a while back, so most customers

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Obviously if you ran one of