Currently on this Google AdSense Templates and Themes site most themes are for WordPress (2 Blogspot themes), so going to list all features of the WordPress with AdSense/SEO version 03 themes below and open the comments to requested features.

Generally speaking if one of the WordPress AdSense/SEO themes have a feature all the themes have the same feature, so here’s a general list of features.

AdSense Ready

Google AdSense
All the WordPress themes are AdSense ready, many WordPress themes are listed as AdSense ready, but this can range from a gap left free on the sidebar where you could add your AdSense code (directly from Google AdSense) to what my themes are where out the box AdSense works right away.

If you bought Talian for example and uploaded it with no editing at all your site would look almost the same as the one you are on now (this site runs Talian with a few minor customizations).

If you did upload the theme out the box I’d get your AdSense revenue since to make my life easy during testing I’ve added my AdSense publisher ID to the themes. All you have to do to get the AdSense revenue is either prior to uploading the theme to your site load the adsense.php file in a text editor (Notepad for example) find where it says:

$GoogleADID = “pub-8325072546567078″;

And change the pub-########## number to yours, you get this number by logging into Google AdSense and create any content based ad unit.

Copy your code over mine, save the file and upload to your site.

Or after uploading and setting the file permission of the adsense.php file to 666 edit the adsense.php file with the WordPress built in theme editor making the same change described above, I rarely use this online them editor because you don’t have an offline backup of changes, but if you want to use that feature feel free.

You can see looking at this site the AdSense ad units are fully blended to match the colours of the Talian theme. Most AdSense ‘experts’ agree this is the best way to use AdSense on a site, but all sites are unique and you might want to experiment with colours and even ad sizes to see what works best with your site and visitors.

This is very easy with these AdSense ready themes, again load adsense.php in a text editor (or the online editor) and follow the instructions.

Changing the colours and ad sizes is optional and I’ve done a lot of testing with these themes and know you will get a very good CTR (click thru rate) with the default settings, so I’d advise if you don’t feel comfortable messing with these types of settings leave them as is (the ONLY required change is the AdSense pub id number to get the AdSense revenue credited to your account not mine, then again you could leave my code on the file, I won’t complain :)).

AdSense Placement

Through testing many people have found having their AdSense ad units above the fold (which means when a page first loads it’s what you see before having to scroll) is where a LOT of AdSense clicks come from.

For this reason I placed a 250 x 250 square ad unit and on some wider/one menu themes like the new Blue Blix theme a 360 x 280 ad unit to the right of the main content. This places the ad unit above the fold and in an AdSense hot click area. This ad unit can be removed completely or made bigger/smaller through the adsense.php settings, but unless you run into problems I’d leave as is.

At the bottom of the page (above the footer) there’s another large 360 x 280 ad unit to catch leaving visitors, like the first ad unit above placement is static. The bottom ad unit doesn’t have a high CTR, but it does create revenue.

The third ad unit is on the sidebar/menu and if you use widgets (which I strongly advise you do) you can position this ad unit anywhere on your side menu(s).

To do this log into your Dashboard under Appearance/Widgets and add/change widgets as required.

If you look through the themes for sale on this site you’ll see links to example sites (real sites of mine) running the themes, I own over 100 domains with at least 60 WordPress installations which I run these WordPress AdSense/SEO themes on.

You will see on my sites how I organise the menus vary from site to site with sometimes the AdSense ad unit being high on the left menu, high on the right menu, low on one of the menus. How I position this ad unit depends on the site and theme. If you are looking for maximum CTR look for a theme with a left menu**

**I’m working on creating a left menu version of all the themes that are by default right menu only (Blix for example) and will be giving them away free as an update to all customers. As of end of March 2009 have made a left version of Web 2 and Cutline, so have a few left to do.

If you put your sidebar ad unit high on the left menu it will increase CTR, but it can make your site look ad cluttered, you decide what’s best for your site and your visitors. As a general rule if most of your visitors are new each day (from search engines) you are less likely to loose visitors by making your site a little ad cluttered.

More info soon…

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