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WordPress SEO Theme Blix with AdSenseI received the order and sent it out within 24 hours. Also got your second email and responded to it with an alternative email address (domain is on the same server though) with the theme attached, so looks like it’s the entire server that’s getting marked as SPAM not just single domains now!

As you can see from other comments and other pages of the site I have a big problem with my emails being filtered as SPAM despite never sending a single SPAM email in my like (really sucks).

First check your spam folder for the emails, one will have the subject: “Payment Received - Theme Attached” with an email address matching this domain (Date: Sun, 30 Aug 2023 22:51:19 +0100).

Second email was a reply to your follow up email (subject: Buying your template) with another email address from this domain

If your email software automatically extracts attachment look for the file on your hard drive as well.

Some ISPs are filtering emails and never delivering them, so if you don’t find those emails that is probably the case here.

In which case I’ll need an alternative email address to send the theme. Hotmail and Gmail accounts seem to be OK for example.

Make sure you use the order email address to send the alternative email address so I know it’s you. It’s important to have an email address I can send emails to since I give free updates.

Sorry about this, really sucks that a lot of my emails are filtered, plays havoc with my main business!

David Law

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