More information on SPAM

With these features you are fully equipped to run a successful e-mail marketing campaign as you will be able to easy organise your contacts, see who has found interest in your services and what services they are interested in and ensure your compliance with the CAN-SPAM act through automatic un-subscriptions.

If you spend around 30mins Googleing for some E-Mail Marketing Software then you will probably come across these two:

  •     Sandblaster
  •    Atomic E-Mail Sender

In my eyes these seem to be the best and most trimmed software packages available, they both offer a wealth of similar features that include all of the above mentioned points, but they both differ in price.

Atomic Mail Sender

At £54 for such as wealth of features at first you think it is the next best thing since sliced break, especially when many other packages start at a few hundred dollars. BUT! If you look closely most of the features it describes are optional extras. For example to be able to monitor and track your opens and clicks you will have to pay an additional £8/month and if you want to automatically manage your subscriptions you are going to have to pay an additional £39.85 on top and this application soon becomes quite an expensive piece of kit. So, be aware of what is included in the price when looking for e-mail marketing software packages!


This software package is more expensive than Atomic Mail Sender but does come with most of its advertised features included in the price. Sandblaster makes use of the free Track Reports e-mail tracking tools which allow you to track how opens and clicks your e-mails at no extra cost, the best thing is you don’t need to sign-up for Sandblaster to make use of Track Reports so you could even incorporate this functionality in another package that does not include reporting.

Sandblaster also has another nice feature that Atomic Mail Sender does not, a SPAM calculator. Once you have create your marketing e-mail Sandblaster can tell you with a numerical score how “SPAMY” your e-mail will look to SPAM blockers, a fantastic and very useful feature, again at no extra cost!