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Free WordPress 3 Theme Beautiful Sunrise with SEO and AdSenseSee Talian scares me, too many options. I am a dope. But let me ask this, (BTW) thanks for giving poor people the theme and info to publish sites and make some money from adsense, very kind and thoughtful of you) if your theme is optimized for SEO then does it have the area so I can do keyword, title and page description for each page or article?

and the dang ads - are the ads easy to put in? like if I want revenue ads and ebay for some sites instead of adsense and clickbank? I like those bundles of 125 by 125 ads than run down the side or middle of some sites?

will google allow me to put in bunches of those little ads? the IM industry has a lot of those little ads that blink and shout.

thanks again,

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Make Money Online : AdSense Income David,

THANK YOU for making the blogspot theme for the underpaid of the world. What a fantastic idea and something that can really make a difference for a family.

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