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Free WordPress 3 Theme Beautiful Sunrise with SEO and AdSenseWell I am a dope when it comes to the wordpress theme issue. I have fiono and I hate it, nothing works for me. the free themes don’t have as much and I am able to muddle through and get everything working.
I was feeling pretty good about downloading this sunset theme - I figured it was old and all the bugs were gone, but then I have heard about problems and I did not understand the question let alone the answer.
So update me please - does this work when I activate it? I’ll leave the ad sizes alone. This is for if you go see it you’ll see why i need a new theme.

I was just going to upload this theme right over the current one and keep my fingers crossed. I would be more than happy to buy the theme to get some tech support. I deal in Dollars so not sure of the rate of exchange but I believe the dollar is pathetic against the euro and pound.

I have learned a lot reading through all this stuff. BTW I searched for wpthemes easy to use and you came up #10 for those keywords.


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