Comment on WordPress SEO Plugins by Mark.

WordPress SEO PluginsI recently found some websites that use a widget that is an image, but when you click on it, it redirects to a random post on your website.

In fact people often have a header something to the effect ‘Click here to see a Random post’.

I use an old Matt Mullenweg Random Redirect plugin to do this. the plugin works great, just by adding an image link to a text widget.

The problem is unless you are a very graphical website it does not seem to increase page views as hoped. I think the reason is, people go to a website looking for specific information, not random information.

However, if you have a website like the ‘cutest horses’ it might work as people do not mind clicking to see random photos of cuteness.

Great idea but with a narrow focus, that is image websites, unless I do not know how to leverage this for more article based sites.

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