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WordPress SEO PluginsYou’ve named your site the same as the domain name, should use relevant keywords for the site title.

Under your Dashboard:

Settings >> General

Change the setting “Site Title” to something relevant like:

Professional Forex Signals

Take a similar approach when creating posts, categories etc… put you keywords within them.

BTW I think you’ve made a typo when choosing your domain name. Your ‘service’ is called FX Super Signals as in FX Great Signal or FX Awesome Signals. Super has one too many Ps, that’s supper as in a meal (usually evening or last meal of the day if you are from England).

If it’s not an important site not a brand site (autoblog for example) not a big deal, just ignore the domain name (barely anyone will notice and because you didn’t hyphenate keywords ie “” nothing about the name has SEO value) and when writing about the service use Super.

Just reread your comment and think I’ve described the wrong thing. What do you want to say Home? If it’s the link on the navigation menu below the header you can’t in Talian 5 (you will in Stallion 6, releasing soon, you’ll get a free update.)

You can remove that link completely via the Talian options page, it’s the setting “Home Page Link On/Off” tick the OFF option.

If you are comfortable with editing template files you could also edit the header.php template file, but if this is going to be an autoblog all your home links will say Home and this is an awful choice SEO wise (never use Home, Click Here or similar words for the anchor text of links!). Let me know if you need instructions.


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