I have two dedicated servers running Virtualmin with similar settings: CentOS Linux 5.3 pretty much up to date.

I’ve been moving domains, most of which run WordPress as a SEO CMS from one dedicated server (old one) to the other dedicated server and weeks on have realised that since the server move I can no longer approve comments fast (single click approve).

Running various versions of WordPress 2.8 on these sites, upgrading to 2.8.3 and 2.8.4 didn’t help.

Disabling all WordPress plugins didn’t help.

WordPress Approve Comments Problem

If I click the approve comment links on the WordPress Dashboard or any of the comments pages (under comments, pending comments) the comment changes to suggest it’s approved, (under pending comments it disappears for example suggesting it’s gone to the approved comments, under comments clicking approve removed the yellow background), but upon refreshing the page (like clicking the pending link) they reappear as unapproved!

On popular WordPress sites I’ll normally mass approve comments, select an entire page worth and approve them all, this also fails now. They disappear as if approved, but upon refreshing the pending comments page they are all back!

The single comment delete and spam links still work correctly, not tried mass delete/spam.

The only way to approve a comment is to click edit comment and tick the approved comment radio button and save!

Prior to the dedicated server move WordPress worked fine and the domains still running on the old server (like this site as of August 2009) work fine as well.

I have had email server problems with the new dedicated server, looks like Postfix Mail Server wasn’t installed correctly, so haven’t been able to move domains (like this one) I collect email from. I doubt it’s related though.

So it must have something to do with he new dedicated server. At one point I was reasonably sure I’d been able to approve comments after the dedicated server move, but now I don’t know. If I was able to approve comments after the move, but now I can’t it suggests a recent server upgrade has caused a problem. I try to keep the servers 100% up to date and have upgraded both dedicated servers multiple times recently.

So might be a server upgrade since the move, but I’m not sure (might have been a problem from day one).

Any idea what would cause this problem?

With some quite popular sites running WordPress it’s taking quite sometime to approve 100+ comments a day!