Comment on WordPress All in One SEO Pack Plugin Review by Nashua Indigo.

After a long long time of spending and also wasting my time on SEO plugins, I loved the way Yoast can things put off, like page 2 or page 3 from a page, if you know what I mean. But everytime I use Yoast and posted a blog, it just not appear in google at all. All in One Seo does it in no time. But also that was a sort of day dream. The thing is Google sitemaps that does the thing for you, not Yoast, No headspace and not all in one. Maybe all in one does a little help with some things. But you must find the combination of the right plugins. Or yoast with w3 total cache or all in one and wp super cache .. or yes I have tried .. NO plugins anymmore. Well the last option give you the need to tweak in the title.

So I decided to delete the pagination of the catagory and made no more than one page for a page or post. I use All in One and Google Sitemaps and even I don’t use the fields from All in One Seo, I use only the auto generated description and that is it.

I’m tired of all the seo plugins by the way.