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Stallion WordPress SEO ThemeHi Dave,

thanks for the information about facebook and tweeter, I’ll wait instead of playing around with pluggins or the template itslef.

Hey, I know you’re not paying too much attention to IE6, just wanted to let you know I see other odd thing (using IE 6.0.2800.1106) on windows2K :D so probably you don’t need to bother. Notice that both side bar are way down after the related articles.

check at


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WordPress SEO Ad Theme Hi Dave & Nigel,

thanks for your feedback:

Nigel’s suggestion it’s easier, my concern about it is that I’m sending the readers out of my blog, which I don’t want to. I’d prefer keeping them on my blog.

Dave’s iframe suggestion, it’s more …

WordPress SEO Ad Theme Hi Dave,

I was wondering whether you (or somebody reading the comment), could please give me some ideas with two challenges I’m dealing with:

(1) What’s the best way to publish tables of data?
I have a website, about lists of related words …

WordPress SEO Ad Theme Found it! Thanks for your ideas. This is what I did in case can help somebody else.

1) Disabled all the plugins = problem remains.
2) Installed new fresh copy of the template = problem remains.
3) Then, moved my thought-problematic-template onto other …

WordPress SEO Ad Theme Hi David,

I’m just starting to use your theme. So far, so good. I seem to start loving this theme ;-) (I’ve not seen Adsense results though).

I have an issue with my site in IE6 (I did not want to bother, …