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Stallion WordPress SEO ThemeHi Dave,

I was looking at your website (trying to understand which pluggings you use for Facebook and how you place it just below the post ~ still have not understood it).

The fact is that I noticed two things (not sure if it’s my pc or a real issue), just mentioning in case you want to check. I can post tomorrow night some screen-shots if you need to):

#1) Internet Explorer Issue: IE Version: 7.0.5730.13
The left bar is misaligned to the left (it’s totally moved to the left).
Firefox is ok.

#2) Try this, on the right bar (Facebook) and click on one of the Hyperlinks, it will take you to the post, then click on the browser’s back-arrow, and see what happens. In my case it takes to the following page:

Then, it shows only the rectangle only, not the previous page (post page).


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WordPress SEO Ad Theme Hi Dave & Nigel,

thanks for your feedback:

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WordPress SEO Ad Theme Hi David,

I’m just starting to use your theme. So far, so good. I seem to start loving this theme ;-) (I’ve not seen Adsense results though).

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