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  19 responses to Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

  • Larry
    Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 23rd, 2011 at 00:56)


    Are you ready to do some Stallone 6.0 beta testing with MPP sites?

    If yes I am ready to go


    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 23rd, 2011 at 01:53)

      I normally test a major theme update (and Stallion 6 is a massive update) for a month on my own sites before releasing the updated theme and this has resulted in never having a major issue.

      This time plan to update all my sites, check them a few days (I have 70+ WordPress installations with all sorts of setups) and if no issues will release to all current Talian 5 customers explaining it’s not gone through my normal extended testing period.

      Any issues reported will be fixed after which I’ll stop selling Talian 5 and switch to Stallion 6 sales only. I’ll manually email Stallion 6 to the Talian 5 customers in the ‘testing’ period.

      This will give those who want to try the new features ASAP a chance to do so and those who want to wait to be sure there’s no issues the option to use/keep using Talian 5.

      BTW for anyone thinking of holding off buying Talian 5 waiting for Stallion 6 release before ordering be aware the price is going up quite a bit.

      Talian 5 is by far the best WordPress SEO theme available today (it’s that good I’ve offered $500 for anyone who can show me a better SEO WordPress theme), but ad wise and layout wise it’s not the best available (there was a lot that could be improved).

      Stallion 6 SEO is actually better than Talian 5 (surprised myself I could improve on the SEO) and ad wise it’s a MAJOR improvement. I’m not sure I can get away with calling it the best WordPress ad theme available, but it’s certainly competing with anything else available (you’ll understand when you try it). After I release Stallion 6 will have to take some time to compare to other ad themes see if any are better in some areas and if so improve Stallion 6 again.

      The layout options are also significantly improved, there are many more layout options in Stallion, for example added a new set of widgets above the footer today and next will be working on placement of the main sidebars. I’ve a lot more features planned for the theme layout as well (layout is an area where thee are almost unlimited setup possibilities, just a matter of coding them in).

      You can see some of the new features at the Stallion SEO Theme website.

      I wouldn’t advise running a site with the above ad settings, I’ve turned on as many ads as I could (some ads can be moved around, like the top AdSense ad and bottom Chitika ad can be switched) so couldn’t add them all. I think there’s currently 18 ads showing on the home page, AdSense, Chitika and Clickbank ads, even with all those options and ads and some plugins running the page required just “48 queries in 0.472 seconds”.

      Every ad can be turned on/off independently from a new options page (each ad system has it’s own options page now), each ad can have it’s dimensions set independently and various other attributes all from the 7 options pages (Talian 5 has one options page).

      In future updates I plan to give style updates that make Stallion look like other themes. For example Blix has been quite popular on this site so I’ll probably make a Stallion addon that looks a lot like Blix.

      This makes the Talian 5 price significantly undervalued for Stallion 6, so the price is going up.


      Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

      • Larry
        Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 23rd, 2011 at 13:36)

        thank you for the very detailed reply.

        I just purchased Talian 5 and will begin my learning curve with it.

        I can’t use adsense (slapped) so I am ready to beta test with chitika when Stallion comes out for testing. I feel very confident that any issues will be addressed quickly so I feel anxious to get started.

        I use MPP with MD so it will be good to see how quickly I can build sites that pay. Thank you


        Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

        • Larry
          Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 23rd, 2011 at 23:16)


          I purchased Talian 5. How do I get the theme?


          • WordPress SEO Theme Author
            Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 23rd, 2011 at 23:40)

            Having issues with Comcast email addresses (also AOL as well), some customers don’t get the download email (bounces back to me a few days later).

            If you are a customer and don’t receive the download email within 15 minutes drop me an email or a comment here using the email address you ordered with (I only need the email address) and I’ll email the theme ASAP.

            Just sent your theme via email.

            LMK if there’s any problems.


            Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

            • Larry
              Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 25th, 2011 at 14:52)


              OMG, the Talian 5 theme is amazing!!! I am only getting started with it but own MANY expensive themes (without naming them) this theme ROCKS.

              Can’t wait for Stallone 6.0 but I am no where near ready for it.

              The learning curve for this theme is not hard at all but still needs to be done. Normally I don’t read instructions(guy thing you know) but I am making an exception this time…I don’t want to miss one tiny little part of this functionality.

              THANK YOU for a great job on this theme.


              Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

              • WordPress SEO Theme Author
                Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 25th, 2011 at 16:52)

                Thanks very much :-) )

                Funnily enough despite writing mammoth readme files for Talian 5, like most men I rarely read instructions myself :-)

                For Stallion 6 there’s not going to be readme files per se, putting it all on the new Stallion site as Posts with comments open for me and others to expand on what’s possible.

                Stallion 6 is in many respects easier to use for those not interested in detailed settings, add your AdSense, Chitika and Clickbank IDs on one page, setup your widgets like you would with any theme and you can stop there if you are happy with the default colours and banners. I’ve setup the ads so even if you have all three ad systems running on one site (I think that will be a rare setup) it doesn’t overload the site with ads as many are turned off by default.

                You can then take your time deciding exactly which ad system should take most prominence, where ads are located etc… Which colour scheme you want etc…

                Talian 5 is brilliant, Stallion 6 is fecking awesome :-)

                For those that understand SEO and have experience with advertising on sites I think they’ll be very impressed with what I’ve achieved with Stallion 6.


                Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

  • pet
    Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 23rd, 2011 at 15:16)

    hi , i would lke know i have bought Talian 05 we can get have Stallone 6.0 you put extra charge for that please reply

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (January 23rd, 2011 at 23:44)

      Stallion 6 despite being a new theme pretty much everything is rewrote to allow for future flexibility is a free upgrade to Talian 3, 4 and 5 customers.

      My wife thinks I’m nuts giving a free upgrade, I’m sure Talian customers disagree :-)


  • WordPress SEO Theme Author
    Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 22nd, 2011 at 04:21)

    Stallion SEO Ad Theme Version 6.0

    The update to Talian 5, Stallion 6 is now running on this site as a test.

    It is almost ready for release (maybe tomorrow), got one relatively small bug to fix and we should be good to go.

    I normally test an update for weeks before release, but so many people want to use and promote Stallion (as affiliates) I’m skipping my normal long testing period.

    The plan is to release it to current Talian customers first, if I get no major bug reports over the first few days I’ll activate the Stallion Clickbank affiliate program (it’s ready to go) and start selling Stallion at the Stallion SEO AD Theme Sales Site.

    Stallion 6 will be sold on Clickbank for $70 with a 50% affiliate revenue share.

    To anyone holding off buying Talian until the update, note the price difference. Talian 3, 4 and 5 customers receive a free update up until Stallion 6.0 is released. When Stallion is released I plan to drop the price of Talian 5 to $50, but those purchasing Talian at the lower price will NOT be entitled to a free Stallion 6 upgrade. Although I’ll fix bugs in Talian 5, I won’t be releasing any more Talian feature updates : all my development time will be on Stallion 6 (it includes everything that Talian 5 includes and much, much more).


    Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

  • Héctor
    Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 03:20)

    Adsense Templates Stallion SEO Ad Theme Version 6.0

    Hi Dave,

    I was looking at your website (trying to understand which pluggings you use for Facebook and how you place it just below the post ~ still have not understood it).

    The fact is that I noticed two things (not sure if it’s my pc or a real issue), just mentioning in case you want to check. I can post tomorrow night some screen-shots if you need to):

    #1) Internet Explorer Issue: IE Version: 7.0.5730.13
    The left bar is misaligned to the left (it’s totally moved to the left).
    Firefox is ok.

    #2) Try this, on the right bar (Facebook) and click on one of the Hyperlinks, it will take you to the post, then click on the browser’s back-arrow, and see what happens. In my case it takes to the following page:

    Then, it shows only the rectangle only, not the previous page (post page).


    Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 04:26)

      Testing Stallion SEO Ad Theme Before Release

      I’ve just installed the Talian 5 update, Stallion 6 to this site for real world testing.

      The new FaceBook Like and Twitter Tweet buttons at the bottom of each post is built into Stallion (activated on one of the options pages). I built the FaceBook/Twitter code directly from the code they supply (so not a plugin). As a Talian customer you’ll have access to this soon.

      I’ve tested Stallion in the main browsers and don’t see any misalignment. Could be a caching issue at your end, you might be getting a mixed up combination of Talian 5 styling and Stallion 6 styling, try CTRL F5 to force a refresh to see if it removes the problem. Do you see the same thing at 45 Year Old Millionaire, It’s running Stallion 6 as well?

      The Facebook back button thing is a bit weird. Seems to only be with IE, Firefox redirects back to the page you started on.

      The Facebook widget (built into Stallion) is the code from Facebook https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/recommendations/ with the domain name pulled from WordPress so we don’t have to do any setup beyond drag and drop the widget on a sidebar. Looks like a bug in the FaceBook code with IE only, but will double check my code in the morning to make sure I didn’t make a mistake.

      Thanks for the feedback, if the CTRL F5 doesn’t work let me know.


      Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

      • Héctor
        Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 11:23)

        Hi Dave,

        Ctrl+F5 did not fix it. Check it out here:

        I’ll check later after I reboot my pc (can’t reboot it now), and if I notice a change I’ll let you know.


        • WordPress SEO Theme Author
          Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 14:15)

          Found and Fixed the CSS issue with IE7

          I don’t run IE7 on any of my PCs, so use a program to emulate IE5, 6 and 7 and it wasn’t showing any problems (think it was showing the latest IE version!). Have installed another emulator and got the same sort of problem you are seeing.

          Was related to some very complex CSS coding that’s actually referred to as the Holy Grail by web designers :-)

          Allows for fixed width sidebars with a fluid main content while placing the code for each area in whatever order you choose. Wasn’t designed for what I wanted to achieve with it which included the ability to have the navigation menu code and search form code in the footer area so the first thing search engines read isn’t a bunch of links or a search form, but the main content: many SEO’s believe what’s at the top of the content code wise is given more prominence SEO wise, despite plenty of SEO tests I’ve not been able to confirm this either way, but as it can’t cause SEO harm having less important content at the bottom code wise, I’ve moved as much of it as possible to the footer area (also means the main content loads before the navigation links, good if your server is struggling resource wise).

          Anyway, rewrote the code again and fixed the CSS problem in IE7. Thanks for the feedback on this, would have missed this one otherwise.

          From a web designer perspective IE is a real pain in the butt, Microsoft refuses to follow HTML/CSS protocols designed by the groups that develop new versions of HTML and CSS, which means what works in a well thought out browser like FireFox messes up in IE! The man hours wasted having to put in IE fixes must cost the world billions in wasted hours!

          IE is so rubbish you can’t even get a site to show the same in IE5, IE6, IE7 and IE8 without limiting functionality. I try to have my themes work with IE7, IE8 and because of the incompatibilities don’t worry too much with IE5 and IE6.

          Rant over :-)

          I’ve uploaded the fixed CSS to this site and the 45 year old millionaire site.


          Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

  • WordPress SEO Theme Author
    Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 15:38)

    Stallion SEO Ad Theme Works in WordPress 3.1

    WordPress 3.1 was just released, and accidentally automatically upgraded a site which is running Stallion 6 and haven’t seen any issues :-)

    That’s one way to upgrade to the latest release, was installing Stallion 6 on a bunch of sites for real world testing and at the same time was updating to WordPress 3.0.5 which was the latest version. Said on the Dashboard upgrade to WordPress 3.0.5, but when I did the auto update it upgraded to WordPress 3.1 :-)

    Guess WordPress development has only just added the WordPress 3.1 zip file to their servers and not updated the automated upgrade system yet.

    I’ve been testing Stallion 6 on WordPress 3.1 release candidates, so didn’t expect any problems, but normally wouldn’t upgrade that way on an important site first :-)

    This site is running on WordPress 3.1 and Stallion 6.


    Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

    • Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 16:42)

      Setting up Stallion SEO theme for niche websites

      Hi David,
      I dont remember if i have asked this question or not.Will it be possible to add background and header to the new theme?I am no good at php and am just wondering how hard it is to do this?

      • WordPress SEO Theme Author
        Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 19:25)

        Stallion Banners and Headers

        As you can see on this site there’s an image behind the header, that’s part of the Stallion options, currently there are 21 built in header images and 10 custom slots available (5 jpg, 5 gif). As long as you know how to use an FTP program like Filezilla you can upload a custom header image (or 10 :-) )

        Similar the random banner area, there’s 22 built in banner sets (10 images each, so 220 banners) and 5 custom slots, so again as long as you can use FTP you can upload your own banner sets.

        My youngest son (14 years old :-) ) is making niche banner and header images to be sold at Stallion Theme Custom Banners and Header Images. He’s far more artistic than I am, so far he’s made sets for Money, Space, Travel, Food, Fitness and Nature with more planned. They’ll be sold for $5 a set.


        Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

  • Héctor
    Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 17:19)

    IE6 Backwards Compatibility Issues

    Hi Dave,

    thanks for the information about facebook and tweeter, I’ll wait instead of playing around with pluggins or the template itslef.

    Hey, I know you’re not paying too much attention to IE6, just wanted to let you know I see other odd thing (using IE 6.0.2800.1106) on windows2K :D so probably you don’t need to bother. Notice that both side bar are way down after the related articles.

    check at


    Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Stallion WordPress SEO Theme (February 23rd, 2011 at 18:39)

      Web Browser Backwards Compatibility vs New Features

      Unfortunately if you want to add new features you have to stop backwards compatibility to a degree. Microsoft is no longer supporting IE6, so even they accept it’s an old out of date browser.

      When I get the time I’ll take a look to see if there’s an easy fix for older browsers with the new code I’m using in Stallion, but that code is essential for the next update where I’ll be working on different layout options (both sidebars on the left/right, one large sidebar). When I start working on the new layouts will look then.

      Found and fixed a couple of bugs in the Stallion copy protection system today, I think it’s ready for release. Going to upload to a dozen more sites for testing, if no problems will release to Talian customers before general release.


      Stallion WordPress SEO Theme

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