Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Barry.

WordPress SEO TutorialDavid

THANK YOU for this reply and all the awesome advice! Like I said, I am still an ID10T but that will hopefully change as I learn more.

I have de-activated and deleted the Platinum SEO Pack. It stands to reason that Talian is ALREADY OPTIMISED for SEO and in addition I am also using SEO Super Comments? (Nothing else really required)
I will also install the Post Teaser Plugin as suggested.

Something for you to look at in Talian: (Bug?)

1. Using FireFox: The “Read more” link at the bottom of the post is clickable - but when I click it, I am taken right back to where I was - I still cannot see the full post. (Might be my own self induced problem)

2.Using IE 8: The “Read more” link is NOT clickable.(Bug?)

For both FireFox and IE 8 above: When I hover my mouse on the TAGS displayed at the bottom of the post (Auto-Tagger) - For example: “Buy Ipad” the IE 8 and FireFox toolbar on the bottom of the page also shows iPad/ but when I hover my mouse over the Read more link in IE 8 nothing is shown (That is why it is not clickable!), in FireFox is shows the path as:

I went over my settings many times and cannot find where I could have made this mistake. The only place where I could find this is on my PermaLinks settings: Custom: /%PostName%/ . Category Base and Tags are still blank.

As to the no-follow, I cannot find any settings. Must have been removed when I removed Platinum SEO.

Just to check, I visited your son’s site. The same “Read more” link on the bottom of the post is clickable in FireFox and IE8 AND the full post is shown.

Now I can only think that my website is FUBAR! Maybe I must just wipe everything and start over? Unless you could detect my stupidity from everything I said above?

(PS: I also discovered that my backlink setting in Talian to you is off - it is now ON! Sorry!)