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WordPress SEO TutorialCheck your WordPress Permalinks Settings and the .htaccess file that’s crated by those settings. Looks like you’ve either made a mistake on the Permalinks settings page and/or on the .htaccess file.

SEO Friendly WordPress Permalinks might help.

I would strongly advise not using the “Platinum SEO Pack” plugin, you’ve made some awful SEO settings (you’ve nofollowed Categories and Tags, BIG mistake) that’s going to seriously damage your sites SEO by deleting link benefit and making it harder for search engines to spider your site! Never use nofollow or a plugin that uses nofollow as an ‘SEO feature’.

You’ve gone a bit overboard on the ads. In my experience AdSense tends to perform better than anything else so prioritise the AdSense ads near the top on your sidebar. The AdSense link ad units however perform poorly so if you are running more than one ad system don’t add the link ad unit to the sidebar. In the next update will be easier to disable ads within the content, has to be as you’ll have Chitika ads as well as an option. Also added Kontera, Infolinks and Linkwords for the intext ads as well.

For the Link widget go to the widgets page and drag and drop a links widget on one of th sidebars.

Take a look at the WordPress SEO Plugins page for plugins like the Post Teaser Plugin that can make your site more attractive.

In the update there’s some built in features like using featured images/other images on the archive pages so there are images even without using the Post Teaser plugin. If you add YouTube videos to posts the archive links to them will use the YouTube screenshot like a featured image for that post. You can see it on my youngest sons site Caleb Law Digital Artist as he’s testing Stallion 6 and writing reviews (he’s going to add an affiliate link when I release the Stallion affiliate program :-) ).


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