Comment on WordPress SEO Tutorial by Barry.

WordPress SEO TutorialDavid

I am an ID10T when it comes to fault finding. I have installed a few plug-ins based upon the recommendations made by a few brilliant people like yourself. (I bought Talian template from you!)

I am experiencing something strange: My Categories are not working correctly - when I click on the category that is the “default”, no problem. When I click on any of the other links it reports that no content can be found.

WordPress Plugins installed:
Massive Passive Profits Plugin
Platinum SEO Pack
SEO Super Comments for Talian 05
WP Auto Tagger
WPEasyContent, Platinum Edition (Deactivated)

To see what I mean, goto and click the categories (Top left).

Also, my site looks BAD! What do I have to change to make it look like this site of yours? I also want to include the “LINKS” widgit as on your page.
Please help and any suggestions would be most welcome.

This is my first site - when I am happy with this one, I will create many more provided I can get this one to work correctly and look more pleasing.

Thank you in advance!