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WordPress SEO Title Tag OptimizationDavid.

As always thank you for a most comprehensive and thought provoking response.

You actually blow some of the IM guys rationale out of the water, but your results speak for themselves! 33% increase in traffic with Stallion, amazing!

You have to write a report on how to construct a site and posts and stick it on Clickbank! Oh but complete the single sidebar version of Stallion first!!

OK more thinking to do specifically relating to site title and categories.

Thanks you again.


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WordPress SEO Plugins Plugin adding duplicate code to posts Hi David.

OK this may not be a Stallion problem but I need to eliminate that from my list.

I have a plugin called Splash Plugin by kevin Lamb. You can view it here:

The plugin creates a little tab at the …

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You obviously have a multitude of affiliate products you promote so two quick questions:

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