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WordPress SEO Title Tag OptimizationHi David.

I tried to get to grips with this through your tutorial but am still not quite sure.

OK I’ve recently installed Stallion on my site due to other problems with my old theme. I note that Stallion uses the post title for it’s H1 element.

Historically I’ve always created a H1 element in my main post because I use SEOpressor to construct my post. Without it SEOpressor does not rank my post so high. This isn’t necessarily a problem if the post is constructed right as it’s only a guide that SEOpressor gives, but in their eyes it’s best SEO practice.

So the question is should I only ever have one H1 element in any single post, which is what I’ve read across the web? That H1 element will be derived by stallion in the post title.

If so I need to remove the post H1 elements across my site, which isn’t a problem as there are only a dozen posts or so at prsent.

Two examples may help.

1. This post now has two H1 elements, which actually looks naff, because of the SEOpressor requirement. I tried to overcome this slightly by inserting the Google ads in between.

2. This post now only has the one H1 element derived from Stallion now that I’ve removed the second heading.

Presumably you will say that post two is correct but how does that fit in with your comments on which talks about the DIV class H1div CSS. This is the bit I’m confused about.

Does this make any sense?

Thanks in advance


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