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WordPress SEO Friendly PermalinksI’ve wrote about what I do with the WordPress category base in the main article “WordPress Category base Optimization”.

If you want it removed there are plugins for this, never used them as I do what I describe in the main article.

SEO wise it depends, each word in a URL that can be read by Google is counted SEO wise (helps with rankings): that would be single keywords like

3/4 (4 if you include the TLD) Keywords- example, com, category, categoryname

and hyphenated keywords like

6/8 (8 if you include the TLD) Keywords- example, domain, co, uk, category, long, category, name

However this has no SEO value

3/4 (4 if you include the TLD) Keywords- exampledomain, com, category, longcategoryname (none of these are real keywords, they aren’t recognisable as words).

With the above in mind if you leave the category base as the default “category” you’ve added the keyword “category” to all category URLs, unless all your categories are targeting SERPs related to the keyword category there’s no SEO benefit in this, it’s SEO negative.

If you do what I do and change the category base to a relevant keyword, I used “tag” on this site (trying to get links from places like Technoratic before WordPress tags existed, didn’t work BTW) you’ll add a keyword to all category URLs without having to add the keyword to the main content etc…

Whether this has much SEO value depends on the site.

If you buy hyphenated domains there’s an argument adding one more keyword to a URL is overkill: do I really need seo added to category URLs like at “”?

I went with yes, Stallion is an SEO theme, but I didn’t want to run the site on, was going for basic branding with some SEO (it’s hyphenated and has an important keyword theme) through the current domain This means I have to add seo to URLs, with WordPress that’s easy, either add it as the category base or make sure it’s part of most slugs where the content is about SEO: I could have a category “Stallion Theme Settings” with slug stallion-seo-theme-settings or stallion-theme-seo-settings (loads of options).

There’s also a niche issue, a site that is strongly in one niche it’s easy to see adding one keyword to all category URLs could help SEO wise, but what about sites with no strong niche? Since I didn’t want to use a plugin to remove the category base I’ve gone with the best keyword for most of the site, this isn’t perfect SEO wise so there is an argument to remove the category base on some sites.

I’ve considered adding the ability to remove the category base to my SEO themes, but I know if I do those who don’t fully understand what they are doing are going to remove the category base on domains they’ve had for years which is VERY SEO damaging.


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