Comment on Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin and Talian WordPress SEO Theme Support by Glenn Shimabukuro.

Hi Steve:

I believe if you expand the zip file for the Talian 05 theme, there’s a “ReadMe” folder that contains info on several txt files, including your issue regarding custom banners.

Anyways, here’s an overview of how to use your own banners:

1. Your banner image should be 560px in width and 120px in height and be in jpg format. What’s critical is the banner’s width.

2. Rename your custom banners using this format:
landscape-#.jpg, where “#” represents a number (e.g., landscape-1.jpg).

3. Make sure there is the “custom” folder under your Talian 05 them: /talian-adsense-clickbank-seo-05/banners/custom/. If not, you can create it using your cPanel backend or FileZilla.

3. Upload your your banners to the “custom” folder.

4. Then go to Talian AdSense and ClickBank + SEO backend, scroll down to the “Banner Set” option, select the “Custom” radio button, then enter the number of jpg banner files you uploaded in the “Banner Set Size” field.

5. Click the “Store Options” button and you should be good to go.


Not sure if this will work … but you can give it a try:

1. Go to Talian AdSense and ClickBank + SEO backend and click on the radio button “AdSense Off”.

2. Click on the “Store Options” button.

3. Go to the Widgets section on your WordPress Admin panel, and manually click and drag the built-in AdSense widgets for the Talian 05 theme to the desired sidbars. On one of his readme files, he has an example of the widgets used on his sidebars:

Left Sidebar
1GAT Adverts Clear BG (or 1GAT Adverts)
2GAT Categories
3GAT Links
4GAT Meta
5GAT RSS Feeds

Right Sidebar
6GAT Recent Articles
7GAT Recent Comments 12 (or 7GAT Recent Comments 20)


Hope this helps,


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