Comment on Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin and Talian WordPress SEO Theme Support by Glenn Shimabukuro.

Hi Dave:

Just wanted to say thanks for helping us “MPP” guys out. I really appreciate the fast response you personally provide!

#1. Regarding the MPP sub-domain blog template:
Since I purchased the “Mass Create” option, there were no links to the sub-domain blog template. I presumed it was for those that did not purchase the “Mass Create” option. The premise behind this option is to use a working, on-line sub-domain to “clone” the new sub-domains. Meaning that the sub-domain should not have “Hello World” posts, etc. that would make the blog look unfinished or unprofessional.

Don’t know if I had to read-between-the-lines to include that sub-domain bog template, but I just presumed it was not necessary for the “Mass Create” option. Oh well, I will look into that template.

#2. The “Why this ad” label for the Google Adsense Ads:

Okay, you were right on the money! I was hacked! After unsuccessfully running MalwareBytes to “clean” my PC, I downloaded and ran SpyBot S&D, and as you mentioned, it found these malicious “AdBrite Ads” registry entries.

Not sure how it got there, but I believe it was those “AdBrite Ads” that may have been interfering with the standard display of “Ads by Google” … and worse yet, may have been taking away my clicks and earnings!

Now the Google Adsense ads look normal now.

Thanks, you’re a life saver!


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