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Some good questions about the Massive Passive Profits Plugin.

I’m not the creator of the plugin, so not the best person to answer the questions beyond the SEO parts.

The content generated by the MPP plugin isn’t unique and there’s no easy way to make it unique. I’ve done (I do) extensive SEO tests on thin affiliate content (that’s affiliate content with no or little added user value, so nothing unique) and no matter what you do, given enough time the search engines downgrade it.

All you can do is remove the affiliate footprints like linking to the affiliate source, having ways for Google etc… to easily find your site via images in the the plugins folder for example. In version 6 of my theme I’ve tackled these two issue with an addon options page to the MMP plugin.

This will not stop Google etc… from eventually finding and downgrading autoblogs, but it will help slow the process down.

Basically this is a numbers game. You buy a domain with relatively cheap hosting, add an 100 autoblog sub-domains, get it indexed and move on to the next site. As sites are downgraded you add new ones to replace them. When a domain is no longer profitable you let it die (you don’t register it again).

This is not a create 10 sites and sit back while the riches poor in money making scheme, if you created 20 domains with 100 sub-domains on each, that’s 2,000 autoblog sites and if you can get them indexed you should make a reasonable profit (not millionaire profit, but worthwhile), but it won’t last forever.

If you can generate a small amount of traffic from each it’s not difficult to see even 5 cents a day per site ($100 a day overall) isn’t a pie in the sky money making program.

I’ve not generated any live sites with this autoblog plugin, but have test sites from a similar plugin called WPRobot 3 autoblog plugin that are around 2 1/2 to 3 months old (started testing that plugin around 3 months ago).

I have 12 test sites, this is not 12 test sites with 100 sub-domains each, it’s just 12 sites (no sub-domains, the plugin I used doesn’t have an automated sub-domain option). Also my setup of the WPRobot plugin doesn’t post content as quickly as the Massive Passive Plugin does, I’ve got them set to make a few posts a day at best (was trying to make them appear more natural), so working on very long term SEO tests, not create a 10,000 page site over night and see what happens.

So we are talking about relatively small sites: the religion site I mention later has around 400 posts after 3 months, though because I’m using Talian 5 with the SEO Super Comments plugin and the WpRobot plugin creates comments it’s got almost 1000 pages indexed in Google (lots of those ‘fake’ comment pages).

Last month the sites made just over £40 from AdSense (around $60). The worst site made 1 pence and is about religion (not a good niche) and saw just 55 visitors for the month If it was a better niche and was lucky that could be a few £s). The rest shared the money out, one site made almost £5 from just 80 visitors (that was in the SEO niche as it happens). The visitor numbers had little relationship with earnings, traffic ranged around the low hundreds of visitors for the month.

If I scaled this up to 2,000 sub-domains you can see that’s quite a bit of cash (over £1,500 a month from 20 domains) for 2 to 3 month old sites that after creating took little effort. This doesn’t include affiliate sales (Amazon) or Clickbank sales which I didn’t think to track.

These are test sites for a potential bigger test, so I didn’t go all out on the backlinking, just a few links (most not that good) to get the sites found and indexed (no other link building). If I were to do this large scale I wouldn’t be able to send decent links to hundreds of autoblogs, so the test had to reflect this to be valid (rubbish backlinks basically).

You also have to understand SEO with Google has a time factor, links take around a year to age, so traffic today is not where it would be a year from now IF Google doesn’t downgrade the sites. though with how little link benefit the links I’ve added will pass they would never rank really well (not enough backlinks).

What I expect will happen is the sites will be found and removed one by one over time, how long I don’t know, though past experience tells me most are downgraded in a year, but the odd one might slip through for a few years (I think with the MMP sub-domain approach plan for a 9 month time scale between creation and downgrade).

For MMP I’d go with the cheapest domains and hosting I can get away with. For this sort of throw away domain system .info domains are good as they are around $2 for the first year now (great for testing). Buy a .info domain, up to one years cheap hosting you know works (if you can find hosting that can manage 50 sub-domains for $30 a year say, better than one for $100 a year that can handle 100 sub-domains: $32 a year for 50 sub-domains compared to $102 for 100 sub-domains) and leave it running for 11 months, if it’s profitable pay for another year, if not let it die and move on.

The actual links are down to you, find places you can add or trade links that are not nofollow. You can use the Multisite sitemap I made for the Talian 5 theme to aid indexing the sub-domains.


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