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I’ve played around with WPRobot 3 autoblog plugin code quite a bit (rewrote the WPRobot 3 modules to create SEO versions) for testing a few months back (still testing, the tests look good so far).

After I update Talian (taking all my spare time right now) plan to see if I can get Massive Passive Profits Plugin, with Masscreate, the Blog Template plugin and WP3Robot working together in an automated way.

The problem with both WP3Robot and the Massive Passive Profits plugin is you have to set them up in quite a complicated way which takes time.

There are ways to use WordPress that skips a lot of the setup process, basically you have a presetup version of WordPress (almost everything you use included) and with minor edits you create something unique. In my WPRobot 3 tests for example I can setup a blog with everything running (unique campaigns) in about 10 minutes (to achieve the same would take hours ‘manually’).

I was thinking along the lines of a download zip file including WordPress, all the free plugins I use and setup ready for the paid ones (though the paid ones wouldn’t be included for obvious reasons).

In the update I’ve created some options (adds a new menu to the MMP plugin) for the Massive Passive Profits Plugin that makes the output better SEO’d (hides affiliate links and some autoblog/thin affiliate footprints, also can choose from 13 different Amazon buy now images), plan to do similar for the WPRobot 3 plugin and if I can get it all working together as described above will put up a tutorial for using it (though when I make something tends to be easy to use :-) ).

Would make the ultimate autoblogging setup. After that the next step would be to add multiple domain support, install it on one domain and have that domain work on both multiple domains and sub-domains within those domains. That would be THE ULTIMATE AUTOBLOG setup :-)


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