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Clickbank Ready WordPress ThemeMy pagerank finally went to a 3. I give away a lot of links on my site to folks I interview. If I only have a few links per post on my site, does it have a negative effect on my PageRank? Am I correct to think that the most effective way to increase pagerank is to have one way inbound links? I have thousands of social bookmarking links like Digg and Stumbleupon going to my site but I don’t think they get counted as inbound links??

Alexa seems to have a really low count of links to many sites. Are there answers to why that is?

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Well it has been a couple of upgrades since I first started with your template. This last update is unbelievable!

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My last issues are all worked out. Love the template.
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I cannot thank you enough for the validating tip. A simple thing for you but priceless for me.

Everything is all better now.

Thank you so much!!!

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Love the new Talian 04!
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