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Clickbank Ready WordPress ThemeAdSense Style Clickbank Ads Tests are not all Going well.

I’ve only done limited testing with the new Clickbank versions of Talian, (three domains about a week of tests) but not impressed with one of the tests so far.

The main reason I created a Clickbank version was for this jokes site (can get over 10,000 visitors a day, so great for testing things quickly) which Google recently banned from the AdSense program because of some of the content: I included racist jokes for SEO/traffic reasons (they are the most popular types of jokes searched for online!!) and it resulted in a lot of relevant traffic and a LOT of racist comments on the site (I gave up moderating the comments (I don’t even read the comments now) a long time ago, some people are awful!).

After the AdSense ban I moved to running Clicksor and Chitika ads, (not optimised, just quickly added to the theme code) as replacements to Google AdSense and was making less money than from AdSense (about 60% of AdSense income).

Thought AdSense style Clickbank ads would perform better, but after about a week testing later and they aren’t (made about 80% the money I made from Clicksor/Chitika from Clickbank).

I think it’s the niche/traffic (jokes) as the other two domains I’m testing Clickbank ads on (both in the money making type niche) are fairing much better, not as good as AdSense ads, but if you can’t use AdSense on a site for some reason, worth testing. There’s also adult niches you can’t run AdSense on.

As I suspected, basically some niches are going to work with Clickbank ads and others won’t.

Have made a ‘hacked’ Clicksor/Chitika version of Talian and using it on the jokes site to see what better optimised Clicksor/Chitika ads can achieve (maybe match AdSense revenue).

Gone a little over the top with what you can do with Clicksor/Chitika, so if I decided to make a Clicksor/Chitika version of Talian it won’t be that ad heavy (definitely not sure about the pop unders).

Good news is I see no reason why I can’t incorporate Clicksor/Chitika into Talian, so might be working on an AdSense/Clickbank/Clicksor/Chitika version of Talian soon :-)

It’s about finding what works for each site and if something doesn’t work, try something else.


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