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Clickbank Ready WordPress ThemeI have to admit I’m not sure about mixing AdSense with Clickbank ads, though expect it will work well on some sites/niches and not on others (like everything we do it depends a lot on the site/niche).

I’m trying to take this into account with the new Clickbank/AdSense theme by allowing customers to have as many or as few of each type of ad as they choose (every ad can be disabled independently). I find on some sites there’s not enough advertisers to give a good selection of high quality AdSense ads to fill the 3 content type ads and for a site like that it might work to have the main larger rectangle floating ad as AdSense and a couple of Clickbank ads on the sidebar and further down the page, this way AdSense has to use the best CTR location for the best AdSense ads and you haven’t wasted the rest of the page.

What I currently have running at is a bit over the top, (there’s 13 ad blocks on the home page, 6 AdSense and 7 Clickbank :-) ) but it shows what’s possible.

I’ve had some really good ideas for improvements resulting from having to solve problems associated with trying to mesh two ad systems together.

For example I solved the issue of only being able to have one main floating content ad (one AdSense and one Clickbank ad together wouldn’t work space wise). Customers can select which ad (Clickbank or AdSense) is the main ad and that goes in the floating content area (highest CTR) on the site above it’s AdSense. The secondary ad goes into a lower content post on archive pages (not used on Single and Post pages: at least not yet anyway), if you look at the home page of the WOW site above there’s a Clickbank ad floating in the content of the 5th article: which post the secondary ad lands on is adjustable as well, so you could have the first 2 articles having an ad each, one Clickbank one AdSense or article 1 and 7 or 1 and 10….

I’m giving this theme a LOT of flexibility, ranging from 0 ads (so just the SEO theme) to anywhere up to about 18 ad units if all the Sidebar Clickbank ad widgets were added!

Going to try to incorporate AdSense channels better into this version if it’s still possible to use channels with the AdSense legacy code (ages since I used channels other than URL channels).

When I first made AdSense themes my PHP skills wasn’t very good, still not great at PHP, but I’m getting better and can solve many more problems now.

BTW a lot of people don’t like discussing their ad income in public especially when linking it to specific niches/sites, gives away information others can use and that can result in more competition. So we might find few share their experiences :-( Personally I like to hear success stories, especially if I’ve helped the person: makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :-)


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