Comment on Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme by Mark.

Clickbank Ready WordPress ThemeI think that is a very good idea. Clickbank and Adsense templates all-in-one for WordPress is ideal. Nothing like it on the web, not only for the Clickbank option but the SEO.

Clickbank pays. I have used them and it is possible to make nice fat sales, if you site is quality, not light and lame content. But you have to be able to write something and be sincere. As always I am looking forward to see the data on your 45-year-old-millionaire site.

I have about doubled my income from your theme, that is why I am such a loyal reader of your blog. :)

However, I very curious about other readers experiences with your theme or Clickbank. What are the pluses and minuses from Adsense vs Clickbank in some of your readers experiences? I see some feedback.

I know this is not a forum, but I am curious, how the other guys/gals are doing with Clickbank or themes etc?

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