Comment on Clickbank Ready WordPress Theme by Mark.

Clickbank Ready WordPress ThemeAdSense ads vs Clickbank ads is not only a great topic but practical. One advantage of using Clickbank is many Google ads are blocked by a Firefox plugin called Adblock. Therefore, a percentage of revenue is slipping though your fingers.
Most of my friend (although they are all geeks) use this program. So when a person lands on your site and has this installed there is no chance you will make anything if you run Adsense. However, this is not the case with Clickbank.

The Clickbank theme you have now looks great. I would keep exploring other programs too besides Clickbank, but if Clickbank works use it. - Occam’s razor - entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem - (basically go with what works).

I always fear doing anything that will affect my ranking in Google(doing anything outside the guidelines).

If this works with Clickbank and has not affected your rankings I will use these themes for sure. They look good and you are in my opinion one of the few people who really know what they are doing with making money online. Further, you always seem to give more than you receive.

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