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WordPress SEO Theme Blue Blix with AdSenseFigured out your problem, you’ve got one too many links on your top navigation menu. The link that’s causing the problem shows when you hover over the home page link (on the navigation menu) and slide the mouse down a little (says Auto Draft).

The Auto Draft Page link should not even be listed here, it’s a bug I’ve fixed, if you ordered a while ago you’ll have old code, drop me an email (make sure you use the email address you ordered with) and I’ll send you the latest zip file.

If you do add more static Pages you’ll have this issue again. Problem with themes with a top navigation menu is you have to limit the number of pages added to that menu or disable it completely as otherwise you get too many links.

To disable the menu completely edit header.php file and remove the line:

<?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&depth=1&exclude='); ?>

To disable the page to blame edit that line as follows:

<?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&depth=1&exclude=62'); ?>

In the example above I’ve used the ID of the Page that’s generating the Auto Draft issue (Page ID 62). You can exclude multiple Pages by adding a list of Page IDs to exclude like 1,7,62

If you have a lot of Pages can be easier to switch the code to include rather than exclude:

<?php wp_list_pages('sort_column=menu_order&title_li=&depth=1&include=5,12,27'); ?>

In the example above your Navigation menu would show Pages 5, 12 and 27 only (and the home page link).


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