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The popular Blogspot template Scribe including Google AdSense ad units.

Name: SEO Dave
Location: United Kingdom
Sunday, October 29, 2023

Scribe Blogspot Template

This site is to show how the Scribe blogspot template with AdSense and SEO works in the real world :-)

We have on the top just below the Scribe blog description area a Google AdSense LINK ad unit 468x15. I usually don't use this type of ad unit (low CTR) but it looks good here.

Next on the left menu we have a CONTENT ad unit, 160x600. I wanted to use a shorter ad unit, but interestingly this is the only ad unit with a width of 160px (which works best for the Scribe theme).

Now comes the interesting Google AdSense ad units

On individual post pages we have a 250x250 CONTENT AdSense ad unit (to the right of the main content), this is only shown on individual posts (not archive pages). This uses the ItemPage Blogspot tag so it only shows on individual post pages.

On archive pages like the home page we again have the 250x250 ad unit, but in a slightly different location to the individual post pages (note the difference in the title of this post when reading on archive page or post page).

Interesting fact: I started creating AdSense templates using WordPress which has a greater degree of freedom when editing themes (lot better template system than Blogspot). To get the 250x250 ad unit you see on the home page in WordPress I edited the PHP code so it's only shown on the first post on an archive page. Blogspot doesn't have this sort of option (you can't edit PHP code as it's disabled!).

So using some nifty CSS I've got the 250x250 ad unit to work in roughly the right place. Ideally it would be under the posts title, but that wouldn't work, so it's to the right of the title. I impressed myself when I got it working in both Internet Explorer and Firefox :-)

Back to the not so interesting ad units. At the base of every page we have a 336x280 CONTENT ad unit.

SEO Optimisations

I've optimised the titles, headers: removed H2s from sidebar and changed the title of the post into H1.

And that's the Scribe Blogspot AdSense theme with SEO.

Buy Scribe Blogspot with AdSense and SEO Template

Make a PayPal payment for £4.99 using the PayPal button below-

When payment is received you'll receive a copy of the zipped AdSense theme by email (within 24hrs assuming no payment problems). Full installation instructions included with the zip (basically change my AdSense pub-###### code to yours).

Menu Links

BTW I also added the links code for this Blogspot theme. In the original Scribe theme the blogroll links on the menu aren't there by default (you have to add your own code).

I've added some of my other sites that are relevant to AdSense and themes/templates.