Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Rounders Blogspot Template

This site is to show how the Rounders blogspot template with AdSense works in the real world :-)

We have on the top just below the Rounders blog description area a Google AdSense LINK ad unit 468x15.

Next on the right menu we have a CONTENT ad unit, 160x600.

On individual post pages we have a 250x250 CONTENT AdSense ad unit (to the right of the main content), this is only shown on individual posts (not archive pages).

On archive pages like the home page we again have the 250x250 ad unit, but in a slightly different location to the individual post pages. Note the difference in the title of this post when reading on archive pages compared to an individual post page.

At the base of every page we have a 336x280 CONTENT ad unit.

And that's the Rounders Blogspot AdSense theme from Google AdSense Templates.

To purchase this template go to our BlogSpot Templates Order Pages

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