Comment on BlogSpot Blogger Templates with AdSense and SEO by Essie.

BlogSpot Blogger Templates with AdSense and SEONice to see your reply, I’m sorry I missed it for a bit.

I see that BlogSpot’s “Rounders” is the same as “Rounders 2″ except the colors are different. I can’t see any other difference.

I understand there’s more demand for WordPress themes, and I have decided to switch over to WP. Though other work is slowing me down so, I don’t know when I’ll be getting to it.

What I really want now is just the the very same “Rounders 2″ but converted to a WordPress theme! How to make things complicated! I don’t know why I am that attached to Rounders 2, but it does work well the what I publish there… Well, that kind of conversion is probably way out of your way. I’ll be checking back, anyway. :) Thanks.