Comment on BlogSpot Blogger Templates with AdSense and SEO by Essie.

BlogSpot Blogger Templates with AdSense and SEOI greatly admire your work! I’m about to launch a blog and it’s down to your Almost Spring and one other, but that’s a different comment. :)

I have my personal sandbox/playpen blog on Blogspot.I like the template I have. However, as with all things Blogger, it’s still frustrating and limited in many small ways that add up.

I’ve been considering moving it to WP, in part because having the Blogger template I like optimized is something that’s been out of my reach financially. Your price seems reasonable for the templates you picked, I wonder if mine will be picked. I don’t even remember its name…Ok,it’s “Rounders 2″ the one with the dark reddish brown header, and grey as the secondary color.

Any chance Rounders 2 would be in the pipeline for getting the treatment? :)