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  14 responses to Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

  • Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 2nd, 2011 at 01:04)

    Hi David

    I need to come to the rescue of Bill McRea’s reputation here…

    The reason I bought your template is because Bill *recommended it unreservedly* -- saying he had bought it, loved it, and now used it on almost all of his sites.

    He even gives a close-up of YOUR URL in one of the videos so we know where to go to buy it, as well as some instruction on how to use it.

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 2nd, 2011 at 01:53)

      I’ve been restrained in what I think of what Bill McRea has done regarding the copying of the majority of the Talian 05 theme for his Passive Income ad theme.

      Ethically it is questionable at best.

      With your reasoning does this mean I can sell Bill McRea’s products with minor alterations including any copyright material owned by Bill McRea? For example it would take me a couple of hours to strip out the PHP obfuscation of the Massive Passive Profits Plugin with Masscreate included and market it as mine or even give it away for free. I’d consider that unethical, what about you Leigh.

      Since writing the article above I’ve had a look at the Passive Income theme source code and it’s a clear copyright infringement.

      All he’s done is get a WordPress theme developer to remove the Talian 05 look and extra SEO code and other extras and put a new ‘face’ on it, he’s even forgot to remove some of the code (code that’s taken me years to develop) that’s not used in the current templates look (it’s a poor job whoever did the coding).


      Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

  • Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 2nd, 2011 at 10:50)

    Hi David:

    I agree with Leigh regarding Mr. McRea’s keen interest of the Talian theme at the beginning stages of his Massive Passive Profits (MPP) product launch. His training videos, and even his MPP site recommended your WP theme to be used for the MPP plugin.

    However, the MPP forum site, unfortunately closed down, and lately, Mr. McRea appears to be back-peddling on his initial recommendations to complement the MPP plugin. I “sat” on his recent webinar about using a key word tool with MPP, and it was evident that he expressed a not-so-favorable response to his previous “add-on” recommendations to the MPP plugin.

    I’m not sure what to make of Mr. McRea’s actions, but I’m not disappointed that I purchased the Talian theme. In fact, it’s doing well w/ the MPP plugin so far.

    I hope your issues w/ Mr. McRea gets resolved soon.



    Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

  • WordPress SEO Theme Author
    Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 2nd, 2011 at 13:35)

    DMCA Complaint -- Take Notice sent to Clickbank regarding Bill McRea’s Passive Income WordPress Theme.

    I’ve sent Clickbank a DMCA (DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT) takedown notice to Clickbank as he’s using/selling our copyright material without permission.

    Also sent Bill McRea an email informing him of the issue.

    Can’t believe I’m having to resort to this to protect Talian 05, you don’t expect this sort of unethical behavior from business men! WOW that sounded naive :-)


    Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 2nd, 2011 at 13:56)

      To anyone who buys Bill McRea’s Passive Income WordPress Theme if you use the copyright material in the theme, for example the banner images my wife made (she owns the images, she owns the copyright) you are infringing copyright.

      We have the option to contact Google and send a DMCA notice for any sites running those banner images and Google will remove them from the Google search results. Never had to do this before, but believe you’d have to remove the copyright infringing material and inform Google it’s removed (understand it can take quite a lot of time to fix).

      It would be really easy for me to find websites running the Passive Income WordPress Theme and check if they are using our copyright material.


      Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

  • Cameron Law
    Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 2nd, 2011 at 14:23)

    Hi, the programmer son number 1 signing in.

    Rights and wrongs don’t cancel themselves out. Al Capone was known in his time for his excellent charity work for the poor, that doesn’t balance out his other later actions. The same principle is applied here.

    Ethically taking another developers work and selling it on as his (with no major modifications) without permission is wrong. Taking another developers work and selling it on without permission, and THEN not giving any credit is the programming equivalent of me digging up your grandmothers grave, turning her corpse upside down, and then urinating on it. No matter how much advertisement I do of a product it still doesn’t make it right. I use plenty of open source and commercial programs (Anyone looking to program should really look into Microsoft studio and Notepad++ :D ), but that don’t give me the right to steal their work and sell it on as my own.

    Not to mention taking the copyrighted content and selling it on as your own is against the law. Plain and simple. If he wanted to make use of the excellent product then he should have contacted my father privately. Thanks to my DRM system, the next version (Which kicks the ass of the previous one) will be available on Clickbank (Which ironically adding Clickbank ads is a feature of the theme). If anyone wants to promote the theme while taking a share of the money after this is set up then they are more then welcome (I will note that unlike Bill’s products, that have a reported refund rate of over 50%, Talian has single figure refund requests after 1000′s of orders.)

    As a side note, I’ve been looking at both their hashed attempt at stealing Talian 05, and their previous plugins, and it’s a shamble mess of code. The person who coded it doesn’t deserve to be called a programmer. Their DRM systems are stupidly easy to code around, and the products overall…. the trash I throw out is worth more.

    Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

  • This is unbelievable (almost) that someone would steal your hard work. I have been following you for years and know you put your heart and soul into this. Further, you are very generous with your information and help to others.

  • Randy Nelson
    Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 5th, 2011 at 13:07)


    When I first purchased Massive Passive Profits I became skeptical about Bill McRea’s true intentions because there was no more support forum as publicized in his promo materials. I thought that the MPP must be having problems that he no longer wanted to address or deal with.

    McCrea’s MPP was the reason I purchased your Talian 05 product (thanks Bill and I couldn’t be happier with Talian 05) and for him to “steal” your hard work is completely unethical and wrong! My first thought when using Talian 05 was that you had (most likely) a financial arrangement with McCrea for MPP support because I was coming to you for MPP problem solving. I tried McCrea’s support desk first (which took me 3 days to receive an answer, his promo says 24 hours) and that answer was half-answered. I surmised then that I would probably be having unanswered or half-answered support problems from then on.

    For all of you viewers out there I just want to emphasize that it has been David Law that has helped me through my MPP problems… not any of Bill McCrea’s poor excuse for a support system. My hats off to you David for acting and reacting like a very ethical businessman under these trying circumstances (something I couldn’t have done) and wish you great success with all of your product line.

    Randy Nelson

    Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

  • Reginald
    Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 17th, 2011 at 19:08)

    Wow I can’t believe this. I too bought your theme because Bill recommended it. I didn’t know he redid the coding and created his own theme and started selling it. That’s just crazy

  • Hi,

    Forgive me, but I am a little confused. As other posts above this, I purchased the Talian theme because of the reccommendation of Bill Mcrea,and am also disappointed with the farce of a support system offered after investing over $250 is this whole project.

    Can I just clarify that although I purchased the theme I have to remove the banners that were included? I certainly don’t want to be involved in anything unethical, I simply want to continue to develop my blogs that are currently performing quite well which is more to do with the theme than the MPP I believe.

    Thanks in advance

    Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (January 31st, 2011 at 11:54)

      The banners with the Talian 5 theme are mostly copyright my wife (probably about 90% are created by my wife from her photographs: she’s an amateur photographer).

      If you bought Talian 5 from this website you won’t have any problems, by purchasing Talian 5 (from me) you can use the banners on your own websites in association with Talian 5.

      There is/was another theme that Bill McRea had made called the Passive Income Theme and the person he paid to make the theme used banners from the Talian 5 theme which is a copyright infringement as described above.

      After I informed Bill McRea of the issue (he wasn’t aware the theme developer basically copied Talian 5 and gave it a different front end) he immediately removed the Passive Income theme from sale.

      I’m happy with the outcome.

      Bill McRea hadn’t started promoting the Passive Income theme so doubt many copies were sold, so though there’s probably a small number of webmasters running the Passive Income theme and infringing copyright material it’s not going to become a big issue.

      Copyright is a legal minefield and as I understand it if you don’t protect your copyright on every case you discover you can run into problems if you ever have to take something serious to court (it’s why big companies make what appear to be retarded decisions taking people to court for copyright/trademark infringements, they have to be seen to be protecting their work).

      If I stumble across any sites using the banners I’ll give them a friendly notice to replace the banner images. Banners are really easy to make, there’s loads of public domain sources for images with thousands of images suitable for making banners, so not hard to replace them.

      For Talian 5 customers it’s not an issue, so you can legally keep your site as it is :-)

      In the Talian update called Stallion SEO Ad Theme I’m including copyright notices within each banner folder. Some images are from the public domain** and though you don’t have to credit material from the public domain, I have in Stallion 6.

      ** Although the images are from the public domain since they have been edited they do become copyright whoever edited them (it’s a derivative work). I don’t think I’d spend time chasing copyright infringements of derivative public domain images though :-)


      Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

  • Renee Barnes-Orozco
    Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (February 21st, 2011 at 00:52)

    I have a few questions. I’m not as adept as I’d like with the formatting, so hopefully you can lead me in the right direction.

    I did buy the Massive Passive software and do use the basic with your Talian WP program.

    1- Can I make the huge Adsense box on top a little smaller? And where.

    2- How do I fix the cut-off of the article? I want the whole thing to show on the 1st page. For some reason, it doesn’t do that cutoff on the sub-domains — which I like.

    3- I have a few widgets on the side that I need to realign, but wanted to know if I can have a section above the clickbank ads and how would I do that? (the longer box ones)

    4- I get an RSS XML error when trying to set up my RSS feed. Where would I fix that? a little lost. Tried deleting the feed and starting over but still isn’t working. I must have a coding issue or something.

    5- On my sub-domains, when I try to add widgets, links and such to the side bars, they don’t stick. Do I need to change something in Talian to make it stick? (I enter them, looks like it worked, looked at the site to see how it looks and when I return, the widget, links are gone)

    Overall, I like Talian and look forward to the update. Unfortunately, I really need to get the above tweaked to stay with Talian. I have looked at other formats that I generally like, but doesn’t quite meet my needs as this one does.

    Thanks for your help.

    Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

    • WordPress SEO Theme Author
      Comment on Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review (February 21st, 2011 at 01:54)

      Will try to answer these best I can, if I miss anything LMK.

      1. You can change the size on any AdSense ad unit by editing the adsense.php file, there’s instructions in that file and within one of the readme files with the theme. In Stallion 6 (Talian 5 update) those settings are built into the options pages (there’s 9 options pages in Stallion 6).

      2. Sounds like you are talking about the excerpt which is an SEO feature of Talian, I’ve described ways to create a richer home page etc… at Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin and Talian WordPress SEO Theme Support (Post Teaser Plugin).

      3. In Talian 5 the widgets are limited to the sidebars only, to add say a banner ad to a non sidebar area you’d need to edit template files and paste the code into a template. In Stallion 6 I’ve added new widget areas in multiple locations (within the header, below the header, where the banners are, where the main AdSense ad floats and above the footer) where you can add text widgets which can include almost any code. Stallion 6 will be released in days.

      4. I checked your site linked in your name and I couldn’t access the WordPress feed that’s normally accessed via domain.com/feed . I would guess a plugin you are using has broken the feed. This is just a guess, try disabling plugins and check the feed URL for your site.

      5. Not sure why your widgets wouldn’t stick. Others using the Massive Passive Profits plugin have reported issues with widgets and the MPP plugin, I’m not familiar enough with the plugin to know what the issue is (what causes it), but others have said if you don’t match your sub-domain widgets with the main site it can mess up.

      I would suggest reducing the number of stuff you’ve installed on your site (it’s a bit of a mess) and add things back one at a time to check for problems. For example something is causing your site to register an error when it loads in Internet Explorer (“Done but with errors”). IME that’s usually a javascript issue (probably a plugin or one of the text widgets).


      Bill McRea Passive Income WordPress Theme Review

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