A lot of Talian 5 theme and Stallion 6 theme users found their way to my WordPress SEO Ad themes through Bill McRea and his Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin.

I’m sure many of my theme customers will be considering purchasing the new Above the Matrix, Emerald 11 Auto Traffic Nirvana WordPress Plugin by Bill McRea that will be released soon, so giving you a run down of what it does and whether it’s a good purchase for your sites.

What does the Above the Matrix, Emerald 11 Auto Traffic Nirvana WordPress Plugin do?

Above the Matrix Review

There’s basically two ways to gain traffic on the Internet without paying through the nose for it through advertising services like AdWords and Overture.

From search engines like Google through search engine optimization (SEO) means and direct traffic from other websites etc… (a visitor to Site A clicks a link on that site and goes to Site B). Most of my time online has been spent on generating traffic from search engines, recently I’ve made thousands in sales because of direct traffic, so it’s not a traffic source to be ignored.

Above the Matrix includes Auto Traffic Nirvana and potentially taps into both these sources of traffic.

Above the Matrix Website

Emerald 11 Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When the Auto Traffic Nirvana plugin is installed it adds that site to a network of sites for linking together, as I understand it not in a reciprocal** way, they appear as one way links: a one way link is where Site A links to Site B, but Site B does NOT link back (one way).

** There’s nothing inherently wrong with reciprocal linking as part of an SEO linking campaign, but you have to be smart with reciprocal linking. If every site you link to links back, pretty obvious your site has no organic/natural backlinks (no one is linking to your site because they think it’s great). A site with a lot of one way links suggests that site is popular because it’s hard to gain lots of one way links (been doing SEO for over 10 years, around 9 as an SEO consultant and one way links are like gold dust).

The concept behind Above the Matrix Auto Traffic Nirvana plugin is not a new idea, though I’m not familiar with similar services that add the links within the main content (others I’ve seen add the links to the sidebar or footer area). This intext linking has obvious SEO benefits in the form of more backlinks, there is of course the SEO cost of your site linking to other sites in the network (there is no free lunch), but there is inherent value in having within the content links, intext links, which is what Auto Traffic Nirvana does, they appear as organic/natural links.

Emerald 11 Direct Traffic

Any of the links on a page in the Emerald 11 network have the potential to be clicked generating direct traffic. It’s impossible to predict how likely a link will be clicked because it very much depends on where in the content the link is located. I can tell you a link from a sidebar or footer area is rarely clicked! If a link is relevant to that content and within the main body text of the page the chances of a click increases significantly. Also depends a lot on how much traffic the sites in the Emerald 11 network receive as well.

Auto Traffic Nirvana Plugin Power

The power of Auto Traffic Nirvana will very much depend on the size of the Above the Matrix network, how many sites will be within the network? If there was only 100 domains for example it’s not going to be a very good linking network. Knowing how many customers Bill McRea has for his Massive Passive Profits Plugin and other WordPress related products I expect this could be a massive network of tens of thousands of sites (this gives Above the Matrix a lot of potential SEO and traffic generation power) in a relatively short period of time!

With thousands of domains involved if the plugin has been designed well and reciprocal linking is avoided it should be difficult for Google and other search engines to easily determine a site is part of a linking network (using a link network is gaming the search engines and so you have to be careful). That being said I wouldn’t advise testing Emerald 11 Auto Traffic Nirvana out with an important domain on it’s release, it’s a new linking service and things can go wrong. I would suggest trying Auto Traffic Nirvana with your Massive Passive Profits Autoblogs, an autoblog is easily generated and easy to replace, so if something does go wrong it’s not the end of the world. Review the Auto Traffic Nirvana network for at least a few months, if no issues consider other sites, personally I wouldn’t use it on an extremely important website, I’m very, very, very cautious when using services on my most important domains, if Google penalizes a domain it can be permanent.

Auto Traffic Nirvana licenses are sold in packs of 10, for under $50 you can add 10 of your domains (1 domain includes all your sub-domains/sub-sites generated via the Massive Passive Profits plugin: that’s potentially 300 sub-domains per domain) to the Auto Traffic Nirvana Emerald 11 link network. $5 for links to a site is dirt cheap, there are services that charge significantly more than $5 a link, Auto Traffic Nirvana has the potential of generating thousands of links between relevant sites.

How to Use The Auto Traffic Nirvana Plugin

When the Above the Matrix Emerald 11 plugin is installed you have a small options page with various settings.

Max Link Count : You have the option of between 2 and 6 links per post. You will probably be tempted to whack it up to 6 links, I would strongly advise not doing this, I would stick to 2 links per post especially for a autoblog and review the results after a few weeks. An autoblog can have thousands of pages, if you set the number of links to 6 and the Auto Traffic Nirvana network does become as big as I think it will, you could easily fill those 6 link spots. Consider this:

1,000 post autoblog.
6 links per page.
6,000 backlinks** potentially almost over night.

This could throw a red flag up to Google.

1,000 post autoblog.
2 links per page.
2,000 backlinks potentially almost over night.

Still a lot of links, but far less likely to trip any Google filters.

** This assumes the Emerald 11 link network can supply 6,000 links without a problem, in reality probably going to struggle to gain all links unless you’ve either been very general for your keywords or are lucky to choose keywords that there’s a lot of link partners. We won’t know until Auto Traffic Nirvana goes live, but being conservative I’d assume you will gain all 6,000 links and not take the risk (better safe than sorry, you can always up the number later).

I’d like to see the option of 1 link per page.

Always start cautiously, 2,000 backlinks is a lot of link power (been doing this years and that would take me 6+ months to achieve 2,000 backlinks!). What a lot of SEO’s don’t understand is the mere fact a site is linked to from another site is a BIG SEO plus to Google (doesn’t need to be high PR), it tells Google other webmasters think the site is worthy of a link (it’s a good site).

The Open links in a new window option should be ticked if you want the links from your sites to open in a new window.

Submit feeds to RSS Search Engines should be ticked, this submits new posts to 9 feed aggregators which can syndicate your content (generate more links). Some of these RSS services require accounts.

Include already published Posts should be ticked to have links added to and from all posts of a WordPress site. If this is a Massive Passive Profits Autoblog you could leave this unticked and start with extreme caution.

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