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AdSense wise you’ve removed the ads that make most money by far. Those are the content ad units from the main content (the AdSense ad that floats to the right of the content) and the sidebar content ad unit that by default is 160px by 600px and by default is found on the right menu at the top.

On similar themed sites to yours I’m seeing an AdSense CTR of around 5% with my usual AdSense setup. I’d be surprised if your site even breaks 1% CTR. The search/link AdSense ad units perform poorly because they take two clicks to make you money.

SEO wise your articles aren’t all SEO’d particularly well. Take your Padstow article:

What SERPs are you after? Appears to be just Padstow, shouldn’t it be Padstow Holidays or Padstow hotels or something like that!

Does that page cover those SERPs well? That one SERP is OK (not great), but isn’t optimised for anything else.

Does the site support this page with similar content and links? No, all you have is three tag pages using Padstow in the anchor text, but those tags include identical content so won’t help (might as well not exist, could even cause SEO harm as they are duplicates).

The Talian 5 theme will present your content to Google etc… in the best possible SEO way, but it does need to be optimised for search engines for the theme to be able to present it well. If you title a page “Holistic Treatments” and it’s really about “Cornwall Holistic Treatments” you can not expect to gain SERPs like Cornwall Holistic Treatments, Holistic Treatments Cornwall etc…

Many of your pages lack a decent SEO title and those that have a good title like “Holiday Cottages in Cornwall” lack supporting SEO like links from the page using relevant anchor text, the link back to your main site shouldn’t have the URL as anchor text (that’s basic SEO 101) it should be something like “Holiday Cottages in Cornwall” to support both pages.

If you are looking for maximum SEO there should be at least one image with the main serp as the filename (format main-keywords-serp.jpg like cornwall-hotels.gif) for the image and alt text that supports the SERPs.

Related pages on the site should be linking to each other (see the SEO plugins page for the related posts plugin: found a better one I’ll be linking to soon, you can see it in action at Stallion SEO Theme Comment Title Feature, it has thumbnails as well, it’s integrated with Stallion 6).

The sites only three months old, links take at least 9 months to pass full link benefit, so even if you’ve added enough links on day one to rank well in this niche you are going to be delayed 9 months plus before those links pass enough link benefit to rank well. Add a PR7 link today that a few months from now might give you a PR6 home page, that page will not act like a PR6 page until that PR7 link has been live for at least 9 months.

That’s what people have been calling the Google sandbox, it’s not a sandbox, it’s a link benefit delay.

As you can see there’s lots you can do to improve the site.


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